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Keeping your world beautiful

By Servest Landscaping

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Keeping your world beautiful

By Servest Landscaping

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The gardens, areas of natural vegetation, rivers, water features, paths and even parking lots on your estate are all part of your ‘shop window’. So they need to be beautiful – and also sustainable in every sense. That’s where Servest comes in – creating beautiful spaces that enhance your estate both aesthetically and environmentally.

Whether you are creating a garden, sports area or golf course from scratch, building a network of paths and trails through a natural forest or wetland, or simply maintaining an already fantastic landscape, partnering with Servest is the easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure that it happens.

Staying sustainable

We create environmental sustainability through innovation, delivering spectacular landscapes while meeting environmental compliance standards. Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise in mitigating environmental impacts, managing wetlands and rivers, and biodiversity restoration, we can offer you a service that is accredited by an Ecocert biodiversity certification, contributing to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The services we offer our client partners include environmental consulting and hands-on water, waste and environmental management:

  • Consulting
  • environmental surveys and assessments
  • biodiversity certification
  • environmental management plans, systems and policies
  • ecological master planning and design


Environmental management services

  • rehabilitation and restoration of natural/wilderness areas
  • alien plant eradication
  • organic sustainable maintenance approach
  • erosion control


Waste management

  • waste management plans and strategy
  • collection, separation and recycling
  • composting
  • Water management
  • storm water management
  • biological effluent treatment (constructed wetlands, bio-filters and polishing ponds)
  • waterwise strategies
  • wetland and riparian rehabilitation.


Building it beautiful

Our experience in design, installation, maintenance and management of landscapes has developed our capabilities in greening your environment with our artistic landscaping. We manage all aspects from breaking ground to the completion of the project, whether it is natural plant-scaping, sports facilities, hardscaping or structural features.

We have extensive experience in the construction, installation and management of:

  • landscapes
  • water features and dams
  • irrigation systems
  • transplanting of large trees • hardscaping
  • wetlands
  • boulevards
  • urban parks
  • rooftop gardens
  • vertical gardens
  • composting systems
  • greenhouses.

The environment and its integrity are important to us, so our dedicated in-house environmental department will complete an Environmental Impact Assessment, to ensure that it is looked after.


Maintenance and management

We have more than 25 years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining landscapes of all sizes. With more than 40 horticulturalists nationally, you will have peace of mind knowing that your landscaping needs are professionally maintained. With our in-house design teams we aim to continuously transform your landscapes to incorporate international trends.
Our services include:

  • full lawn and flowerbed maintenance
  • planting of focal point plants and annual colour plants
  • supplying and spreading of compost and top dressing
  • tree care and arborist services
  • landscaping enhancements
  • road and hard surface maintenance
  • refuse and green waste removal
  • water feature maintenance
  • asset protection through vegetation control
  • firebreaks
  • control of invasive plant species
  • biodiversity rehabilitation
  • environmental management
  • landscape consulting
  • worm farms and composting systems
  • roof gardens and vertical gardens
  • veggie gardens.


Work hard, play hard

We have extensive experience in the design, construction and maintenance of recreational areas – from running trails through natural areas to specific constructed facilities like:

  • netball and tennis courts
  • golf courses
  • sports fields
  • athletic stadiums
  • soccer, rugby and hockey fields
  • netball and tennis courts
  • bowling greens
  • cricket pitches
  • children’s play areas.


The grass is greener

Whether it’s for a national stadium, a golf course, a children’s play area, or a decorative lawn, nothing beats the appeal of a smooth, green carpet of grass – whether it’s natural or artificial. We have years of experience in the planting and maintenance of natural turf for golf courses, sports fields and gardens, but we also install and maintain artificial turf. We provide high standard synthetic turf solutions, and have installed over 150 turfs nationally and across borders.

Crafting and maintaining great playing facilities is about the love of the game, and the pursuit of excellence. For this reason, we have created one complete turf solution to maintain the highest standards in sporting and leisure facilities, using either natural or artificial turf. We provide complete turf solutions across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, giving you turnkey solutions from design and layout to earthworks, shaping, grassing and irrigation. We’re able to bring you unrivalled products by collaborating with global partners, achieving FIFA and FIH certification.


(Triple) bottom line

At Servest our goal is to optimise our structure and processes to ensure reduced cost, increased efficiencies and improved customer service. Our customers are vital to the sustainability and growth of our organisation so it is important for us to, rather than offer you a mere service, strategically partner with you and present integrated solutions that optimise and support your own business strategy, thereby increasing your triple bottom line. This is how we can add value to your business, and how we set ourselves apart from our competitors. We deliver multiple solutions that enable functionality, create beautiful spaces, ensure environmental and economic sustainability, and enhance efficiency. Basically, we make your world a better, more beautiful, and much more fun place to live.

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