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What are security companies doing to keep people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Challenges and their solutions

By Ania Szmyd-Potapczuk

, |

What are security companies doing to keep people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Challenges and their solutions

By Ania Szmyd-Potapczuk

, |

2 min read

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on how we interact with others. We examine the dangers of COVID-19 to estate security staff, and what companies are doing to keep both their clients and workers safe during this uncertain time.

While most of us are keeping to our homes, there are still thousands of people who have to go into work each day. Some of the most vulnerable populations include doctors, nurses, retail workers, and security guards, particularly those guarding estate entrances.

These people face several dangers that increase their likelihood of contracting the disease. Firstly, security staff work in confined quarters, often in pairs. If one person gets sick, it’s almost certain the second person will as well.

Security guards also spend a lot of their time in contact with other people. While the number of visitors to estates has significantly decreased over the past month, security staff still have to deal with deliveries and other social interactions.

What are security companies doing to keep their clients safe?

Many security measures in estate complexes are potential sources of infection. Touchpads, biometics, pens and sign-in books are particularly dangerous, as multiple people can handle these items in a short time.

According to Mohamed Khan, Regional Sales Manager of Servest, they have made significant provisions to protect both their clients and their staff. Staff must store all access items, such as books and pens, in boxes to prevent direct contact between staff and visitors or residents. Staff have access to spray bottles and sanitiser and are expected to keep all access items clean and sterilised between interactions.

What security companies are doing to keep their staff safe

In addition to keeping residents and guests safe, many security companies have also taken measures to protect their workers. Servest has provided training for all their staff on COVID-19.

The training covers many aspects, including:

  • safe protocols in the workplace
  • the correct use and disposal of PPE such as gloves and masks
  • the steps to take when staff come home
  • safe transport measures.

The company has also arranged special transport for some members with dedicated service providers, who are required to keep their vehicles sanitised and clean.

Servest also has a plan in place for when COVID-19 reaches a site, as it inevitably will. The company plans to undertake interventions such as fogging, detailed cleaning, and the issuance of hazmat suits to locations that are considered particularly at risk.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people look at hygiene, especially in the service industry. With so many essential workers at risk, companies must adapt to keep their employees and clients safe.

It’s clear that companies such as Servest have risen to the challenge and are providing their employees with the training they need to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible. The company has also made plans for any outbreaks that do happen, ensuring that the threat gets contained and eliminated before it affects residents and visitors.

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