The Meijs Motorman – simply beautiful

The Meijs Motorman - simply beautiful

The Meijs Motorman is a classically styled electric moped that has been crafted by the talented Dutch industrial designer, Ronald Meijs. His passion for the environment and good design led him to create the Motorman. The real beauty lies in its simplicity with no need for unnecessary gadgets or ride aids, just a raw deconstructed bike. Riding Meijs Motorman is all about the experience, it is simply beautiful!


“More than half of the world population lives in cities where traffic is jammed. That simple fact got my designers’ mind thinking: which vehicle would be the perfect, simplest solution for city transport? I decided it should be a light electric motorbike. A bike that makes life lighter and easier, yet elegant and at a high level. The solution for the city, and a joy in the countryside.” – Ronald Meijs



At the Dutch Design Week the electric MEIJS Motorman received the award for Good Industrial Design 2017

The Jury: “The design originates from the essence of the two-wheeler…A light and transparent vehicle that permits you to drive clean, happy and in style through the city.”
Congratulations to Ronald Meijs!

Whether you are cruising along Camps Bay Drive for lunch or unwinding in a residential lifestyle estate after a long day at work, you are sure to turn heads with Meijs Motorman. The bike’s sheer beauty and a 100% silent ride create that Meijs Experience! Meijs Motorman becomes a stunning marketing tool for your business with customized frame colours, foot rest and personalized signage, what better way to get all the right attention for your brand!

Meijs Motorman – simply beautiful!


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