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Safety products you didn’t know you needed

By Trellidor

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Safety products you didn’t know you needed

By Trellidor

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Estates of all descriptions offer safe community living environments and this is the main reason most of us buy into them. This doesn’t mean we can be completely complacent about safety within our own homes, though. Here are three situations you may not have thought of that need attention.

1. Child safety

Buildings with more than one floor are a potential danger to small children, whether it’s your own, visitors’ offspring or your grandchildren.

Take your eye off them for a moment and they could topple off a patio with too-wide gaps between balustrading. Adventurous children that climb on top of furniture have been known to fall out of unprotected windows.

Even if your home has only one level, there is always the danger of children wandering outside too close to your swimming pool, or the neighbour’s one. Busy roads, too, pose a threat to child safety.

One of the easiest ways of making sure children are safe while you get on with something else is to secure windows, external doors and the patio with an estate-friendly barrier.

Clear Guard screens from Trellidor are a good option because they are see-through, neat and versatile. They can be made in a format to match your home, such as bi-fold Clear Guards for your bi-fold patio doors. Clear Guard can be fitted to doors, windows and as balustrading on verandas.

Alternatively, install Polycarbonate Bars to all your windows. They’ll keep the kids inside without blocking the view as they are virtually invisible. Trellidor make a fully framed version that is sturdy, tidy and expertly installed.

2. Precious pets

Dogs and cats are often part of the family but other homeowners within an estate may not love them as much as we do. Keeping them inside our homes or within the boundaries of our properties can be tricky but there are ‘estate friendly’ solutions that keep everyone happy.

Clear Guard screens work well because they are generally acceptable in terms of estate guidelines. They are also see-through, so pets don’t have to miss out on any excitement outside.

Once the screens are closed and locked, you can safely leave doors and windows open for fresh air, knowing that your precious pet can’t get out to annoy the community or get themselves lost.

Unless your pet is very small indeed, Polycarbonate Bars are also a safe way of keeping pets inside. These are also see-through, so they are able to see what’s happening around them.

3. Wandering wildlife

Having nature on your doorstep is one of the perks of living in South Africa, but you don’t necessarily want it in your home or the bedroom and living areas of your game lodge.

If you live on the coast, you’ll know all about monkeys and baboons trying to get into your home. Inland, it may be mosquitoes, a malaria hazard at certain times of the year. Or if you live near a game park, your problem could be curious Warthogs. Then there are snakes, no matter where you live.

The most humane way of keeping them out is by installing Clear Guard screens to all your doors and windows. It can’t hurt them but keeps them out of your home while you get a clear view of the best that nature has to offer.

To find out more about these and other safety products for estate homes, contact any Trellidor outlets. They will listen to your requirements and make suggestions as to which products are best suited to your lifestyle.

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