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Single source of truth

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Single source of truth

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Don’t you hate that feeling when you’ve spent hours working on something until it’s finally perfect, only to find – perhaps days later – that a colleague has done the same thing? But it’s a different perfect, so now you have two versions.

This happens surprisingly often in many industries, resulting in countless unproductive hours of hard work, lost data, lost tempers and general inefficiency. That’s why a single source of truth – and a single point of access and modification – is so important.


A well designed single-point data strategy ensures:

  • accurate data
  • live real-time access
  • document tracking and secured cloud storage
  • valuable metrics
  • effective communication between all parties
  • controllable measurable market exposure
  • easily measurable sales and resales
  • value added to key stakeholders of every property/development.


REDi offers five products that follow the life cycle of developments, individual properties, and even home owners.


  • SiMS – our sales information management system is a cloud-based platform that tracks, manages and administers property sales transactions from OTP to transfer through a single source of truth online database of all property and ownership data, including full transaction histories. The work flow is fully configurable from business rules, process flows, automated event notifications, and user rights. SiMS facilitates web-based collaboration, communication and information sharing between all key stakeholders, in real time.
  • LMS – this is a multifunctional leads management system designed and developed specifically for the property development industry to simplify how developers and sales agents acquire, profile and engage with their leads. Our LMS is a central, web-based and easy-to-use lead management database that facilitates simple upload and collation of leads from any marketing source. Our clients report how LMS simplifies the acquisition, profiling and engagement specifically for developers and sales agents. Users can track lead status, progress and conversion through the entire engagement process
  • Live listings – this WordPress property listing plug-in enables the traditional web-listing view of properties for sale or rent in estate communities. It enables direct lead generation to the mandated selling agent. Buyers can choose the list view, grid view or map view when searching online. Listings display live with real-time property availability, visual materials and detailed unit data
  • iSM – our interactive sales map is a web-based, digital visual platform on which potential buyers can view accurate geographical and development-wide information. It provides real-time property data and availability, online sales and marketing, and promotion of the estate’s unique brand and lifestyle message. Through iSM, agents can generate direct leads, profile leads, store user activity, and analyse trends. Using iSM enables estates to showcase and market individual properties for sale or rent in the development. The platform is fully accessible anywhere, any time, 24/7/365. Its responsive design ensures an elegant and engaging user experience via any device.
  • Community portal – our community portal is an online communication platform enabling instant electronic communications between estate administrators and residents. It is a secure cloud-based portal, providing efficient and effective online management and administrative capabilities. The portal is a digital delivery mechanism on which information and content are delivered directly to authorised users, and stored online via secure login. One central, online information database is kept up to date in real time. It has a responsively designed and user-friendly web application. Users can also download the mobile apps from their respective Apple or Android stores.

In addition to the above, we provide support with a team based in Cape Town, and a proven track record of over 16 years in service to the South African residential property and developers community.

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