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212 Upper Buitengracht
Bo Kaap, Cape Town, 8001

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Beau Plan

Pamplemousses, Mauritius | Lifestyle Estate

Beau Plan celebrates creativity and helps lives flourish

Beau Plan

Pamplemousses, Mauritius | Lifestyle Estate

Beau Plan celebrates creativity and helps lives flourish

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From offices to residential neighbourhoods, the city’s Creative Park to its Lifestyle Village, and Greencoast Elementary School to African Leadership College (ALC), Beau Plan has imagined the city of tomorrow, in which everything is possible. All in an atmosphere as enjoyable as it is practical, and in which you can easily reconcile your busy professional life and lively social calendar!

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Mango Village : Laying the foundations of smart living

Opening onto luxuriant gardens, the apartments present a privileged living environment. Mango Village offers families a contemporary architectural-styled home where open indoor spaces connect seamlessly with the outdoors, demonstrating an all-encompassing, sustainable vision for family living.

The Mango Village residences are connected to Beau Plan’s lake, offices, shops and leisure facilities by pedestrian walkways and cycling lanes; you could think of it as a village.

A stroll away from your home, you’ll find a range of facilities and activities designed to enhance your life: urban parks, a supermarket, creative and cultural spaces, a fitness centre, shops and restaurants… A bustling village, nestled in lush greenery at the heart of a rich historical heritage.


Contemporary charm immersed in nature

Nestled in the heart of nature, Mango Village’s duplex are an attractive alternative to traditional apartments or houses. Residents will avail themselves of several outdoor spaces, notably a covered terrace, a private garden and an area able to accommodate a swimming pool.

  • Total area: 182.6m2
  • Master bedroom with bathroom: 25.8m2
  • Bedroom 2: 14.2m2
  • Bedroom 3: 10.9m2
  • Bathroom 2: 4.7m2
  • Living/Dining/Kitchen: 30.1m2
  • Utility room + drying yard: 11.2m2
  • Covered veranda: 28.0m2

2 Bedroom apartment

Conviviality and intimacy

Our two-bedroom apartments were modeled as shared spaces, ideal for togetherness, communal living, and creating connections. This apartment makes for a cosy setting within a generous space. Designed in open-floor layouts, they combine an architecture that is functional, modern and stylish.

  • Total area: 118.4m2
  • Master bedroom with bathroom: 23.5m2
  • Bedroom 2: 9.9m2
  • Bathroom 2: 5.6m2
  • Living/Dining/Kitchen: 32.9m2
  • Utility room + drying balcony: 7.3m2
  • Covered veranda: 18.7m2

3 Bedroom apartment

A cosy setting in the midst of nature

Our three-bedroom apartments were conceived for those who enjoy special moments with their family and friends. Affording a view of luxuriant nature, they offer a privileged living environment, particularly with open spaces that seamlessly connect the indoors and the outdoors, from the kitchen to the terrace.

  • Total area: 139.5m2
  • Master bedroom with bathroom: 23.3m2
  • Bedroom 2: 11.8m2
  • Bedroom 3: 9.8m2
  • Bathroom 2: 5.9m2
  • Living/Dining/Kitchen: 34.9m2
  • Utility room + drying balcony: 8.6m2
  • Covered veranda: 18.7m2

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A new vision of the workplace

Office spaces, commercial premises, showrooms, workshops, a business hotel and a business park… Beau Plan offers professionals all of this and more! In this innovative city, you’ll find yourself energised by the park and lake in the vicinity of your office. You’ll also maximise your productivity thanks to the proximity of conveniences such as a supermarket, shops, restaurants, a gym… and much more!

The Strand : A workspace that’s as pleasant as it is inspiring!

The Strand, the new lakeside offices offer adjacent to the retail that will craft a world where working is just as pleasurable as living: both are in seamless balance. A dynamic space, ripe for creativity and collaboration. A workspace offer for sale or for rent that is as pleasant as it is inspiring, that encapsulates the spirit of Beau Plan.

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Beau Plan’s Business District, ideally located !

The business district offers commercial and land space for companies wishing to establish their activities in the North, while remaining in close proximity to the other business centers of the island. From buildings to showrooms and studios, The Business District offers spaces bespoke to your needs.

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Mahogany retail center

An exceptional quality of life for future generations

Beau Plan’s future residents will be able to choose from plots of land, apartments, duplexes and houses. The conveniences of a practical and enjoyable lifestyle are within arms’ reach, with a supermarket, sports centre, shops and restaurants located in a verdant, historic setting.

As an avant-garde city, Beau Plan embodies the concept of “Live, work, play”. Walking and bicycle paths connect the residential park – conceived of as a village for families, young professionals and seniors – to the lake, office spaces, shops and recreational areas.

Beau Plan just wants to have fun!

Beau Plan is the perfect playground for young and old alike; for athletes and creatives; and for shopaholics and nature lovers! From the city’s Lifestyle Village with its shops, bars and cafes to its Creative Park, equestrian centre and green spaces, Beau Plan offers its residents an exceptional quality of life.

Off the beaten track at the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

Instead of simply visiting the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, take part in activities with your family or friends! Tai-chi on the lawn, meditation under a banyan tree, a quiz to see how many of the garden’s 85 species of palms you can identify, a picnic by the waterlily pond… With its hundreds of nooks and crannies, its giant turtles and its unique, endemic plant species, the botanical garden is the perfect setting for countless exciting adventures!

Les Ecuries de Mon Rocher Equestrian centre

Every day, the stables of Mon Rocher welcome horse-riding enthusiasts for walks, show jumping, ethology and even pony football!

The stables of Mon Rocher offer activities dedicated to horseback riding: initiation, show jumping, dressage, aerobatics, walks, courses, competitions and leisure.

Go Learn

Education at the heart of Beau Plan Smart City

How do we shape the leaders of tomorrow? By encouraging them to take an active role in the world around them from an early age. From kindergarten to university, Beau Plan is committed to education.

African Leadership College (ALC)

As a student at the African Leadership College (ALC), you’ll take an active role in building both your academic career and your professional future. Creativity, curiosity and self-criticism are crucial. But the ALC experience is not confined to campus: outside the university, students are invited to make the most of their talents, discover the island and volunteer through the ALUAlive! Programme. It’s learning for life!


Greencoast, a pre-primary, primary and soon-to-be secondary school, prepares its students for life. Through playful and participative teaching methods, children learn self-reliance in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The school programme also includes a strong focus on creativity and environmental awareness.

Go Create

Creativity, the inspiration of Beau Plan’s vision

In a city driven by creativity, artistic expression is everywhere. Beau Plan’s Smart City is rooted in creativity and celebrates imagination in all its forms. In its Creative Park, the artists of today and tomorrow give free rein to their talent, in the form of art, dance, crafts, culture… We warn you, the vibrant atmosphere is contagious!

Beau Plan moves to the rhythm of Mauritian arts and culture, with a particular opening towards the African continent. It offers an ongoing programme of festive and culinary events, artists’ residencies and music, as well as fine crafts, dance and a museum. There’s plenty to satisfy professional and amateur artists, lovers of culture and families looking for fun and educational activities!

Beau Plan Creative Park, a cultural revolution.

As a platform for co-creation located opposite the former factory scales, a key part of the region’s industrial heritage, the Beau Plan Creative Park actively contributes to the development of Mauritius’ artistic and cultural industries. These include L’Aventure du Sucre, fine jewellers Patrick Mavros, Le Workshop, Le Studio Dance School and the African Trader

Discover Mauritius at L’Aventure du Sucre

L’Aventure du Sucre invites families and culture buffs on a fun and interactive journey to discover the fascinating history of the Mauritian sugar cane industry. This popular museum – the island’s only institution dedicated to the history of sugar – also creates temporary exhibitions focused on the environment and sustainable development every year.

Mavros: a passion for creation

Based in a 160-year-old foundry next to L’Aventure du Sucre, the team behind luxury Zimbabwean jewellery brand Patrick Mavros creates original designs inspired by the flora and fauna of Mauritius and the African continent. The public is invited into the studio to watch the artisans at work and admire their unique craftsmanship.

A playground for dance enthusiasts

Founded over a decade ago, Le Studio welcomes dancers aged 4 to 99. It’s also the headquarters of the Omada dance company, which offers ballet, modern dance and flamenco classes to everyone, regardless of age or ability.

Imagine, create, share

Midway between a co-working space and an art studio, Le Workshop is a place of creation, sharing and relaxation. Artists and entrepreneurs come here to exchange ideas, give classes and develop new projects over a coffee. The space also offers creative workshops that are open to both residents and members of the public.

An eventful region

From the Semaine du Goût to the Île Courts short film festival, Beau Plan celebrates life with a wide range of artistic, musical and culinary events.

At Kaz’Out, a music festival that has been held in Beau Plan for four years running, the public is invited to discover a diverse group of outstanding local, regional and international artists, who perform open-air concerts in a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere.

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