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Kingswood Golf Estate

George, Western Cape | Golf Estate

Urban Living Redefined

Kingswood Golf Estate

George, Western Cape | Golf Estate

Urban Living Redefined

2 min read

The international award winning Kingswood Golf Estate is an urban lifestyle golf estate with a championship golf course in George, the centre of the Garden Route’s golf Mecca.

The Sally Little signature golf course designed by Danie Obermeyer is the prime attraction, but the residential estate hosts various other leisure activities and facilities that you can enjoy… and all in a setting of breathtaking, natural beauty at the foot of the Outeniqua Mountains.

With its crisp, clean, Cape Vernacular architecture, plot & guide, townhouses and tailored homes, Kingswood Golf Estate in George combines the very best in modern convenience.

Kingswood Buzzard

Welcome to the new-look Kingswood Buzzard

Kingswood is an extremely fast-growing estate, even despite the very difficult year 2020 has been, with the majority of the year spent in a national lockdown.

We have more than 40 houses currently being built, and we have welcomed more than 10 new home owner families on our lovely estate this year. This brings us to a total of 459 houses.


As a board, we have realised that the demographics of Kingswood Golf Estate are rapidly changing, and our home owners have a vast spectrum of interests. So we have decided to partner with the very competent team at Estate Living to help us reach as many of you as possible, and to provide you with a newsletter that everyone can enjoy.

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Kingswood Buzzard News

Community outreach

2 min read The residents of Kingswood Golf Estate in George are very aware of how fortunate they are to live on a safe, spacious, green estate with loads of facilities and activities – both on-site and close by. And, as this was made more evident as their movements and activities became constrained due to the coronavirus, it got them thinking about the challenges faced by less well-resourced people.

Security Team steps out in Style

2 min read One of the main reasons people move to residential estates is for the security (although, in our case, the great golf course is a close second). Security is of paramount importance and so, when it came time to renew the security contract, the estate management considered carefully tenders from a number of security companies.

Play golf like a girl

3 min read The Garden Route is one of the top golfi ng destinations in South Africa – and possibly the world – and Kingswood is one of the reasons. With its spectacularly scenic, Links-style championship course, perfect climate and fabulous homes, it’s the perfect place for golfers (and non-golfers) to live.

Kingswood for the birds

4 min read There are so many great reasons for living on Kingswood, and there is something for everyone, no matter your interests or energy levels. And birding is one of the less upfront and in-your-face options, but it’s one that more and more residents are coming to appreciate. It’s an activity that can be enjoyed at any level – and at virtually any time.

Should domestic cats stay indoors

4 min read Kingswood is a pet-friendly estate – but with some obvious rules. Dogs, for instance, must be within their yards at all times unless out on a walk with their humans, and there are strict rules about when they may be walked on the golf course – and, of course, what they may ‘leave behind’ on their walks. And cats must wear bells. But is that enough?

Kingswood Community grows as construction continues

3 min read Among the many things we had to worry about this year was the spectre of half-finished constructions just sitting there – some with roofs, some with half roofs, and some completely roofless and exposed to the elements.

Colour is also a spectrum

5 min read And it is subjective. Spring has come and gone and, as summer approaches, there’s a palpable sense of possibility and renewal. So it’s a great time to brighten up our lives and our homes to match the sense of optimism and – yes – even joy.

Lekker ‘n local – Aloe from Africa

3 min read You’ve almost certainly heard of Aloe vera, which is widely marketed as an ingredient in cosmetics. This plant, which has been in cultivation all over the world for hundreds of years, and is no longer found in the wild, does have some remarkable qualities, but our indigenous, wildly growing Aloe ferox has a greater concentration and range of therapeutic substances.

COVID-19 has not disappeared – Don’t drop your guard

3 min read We’re all tired of wearing masks, not hugging our friends, and washing our hands till they dry up and look (and feel) like sandpaper. But we just have to look at what’s happening in the northern hemisphere to realise that this is not the time to drop our guard.

Should you use MYERS-BRIGGS in your management team?

3 min read Despite widespread scepticism, more and more organisations are using personality tests like the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to create and manage their teams. Should you?

Understanding the Eastern Cape’s Day Zero

5 min read Port Elizabeth has hit Day Zero – that dreaded spectre that had Capetonians tossing and turning in their unwashed sheets a few years ago. In some parts of the city the taps have – literally – been turned off, and water is trucked in by tanker.

Staycation Garden Route

4 min read We’re allowed to travel internationally – weehah! But then, think about it – why would you want to? The Garden Route is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, and you are already here!. So – if you need a break (and we all do) – take one in your own back yard. It’s time for a fabulous staycation. Perhaps stay home and do some day trips, or take time out to really appreciate the great opportunities just down the road.

Meet the trustees

5 min read The residents of Kingswood are represented by four involved, committed and hard-working trustees who oversee all decisions related to the management of the estate in partnership with the four trustees nominated by the developer. We chatted to three of the trustees to find out more about what they love about Kingswood, and how they came to live here.

Kingswood HOA in the driver’s seat

5 min read After consultations and town hall meetings in 2019, a reassuring 87% of Kingswood home owners agreed that the HOA would buy Kingswood golf course from Kingswood Golf Properties ( Pty) Ltd. We chatted to CEO Willem Jacobs, who led the team that achieved the transfer and now leads the management team, to get some insight into the process – and of the plans going forward.

Is heaven a place on earth – Challenges and blessings of an ever-growing region

4 min read As thousands of people continue to flock to the Garden Route for a better quality of life, the impacts on the region’s bigger picture are becoming increasingly evident. And while there is a sense that things are sometimes slipping through the cracks, the belief prevails that a unique set of blessings can ultimately overcome the worst of the challenges.

Development update – Kingswood Ridge

3 min read The development of the fourth and final phase of Kingswood Golf Estate is well under way, and sales are progressing well. The site, south of Kingswood, will ensure that all new homes will have stunning light and views to the north over the Camphersdrift River, the golf course and the beautiful homes on the estate, to the majestic Outeniqua Mountains. The development will also extend opportunities for recreation, with additional walking and cycling paths.

Golf @ Kingswood – There’s a difference

3 min read The Garden Route is blessed with an array of top-class golfing venues. Not least, of course, is Kingswood’s own home course, which many will know as Danie Obermeyer’s masterpiece, and that is a major drawcard for people thinking of investing in the estate. But if you’re not a golfer, you probably think: ‘A golf course is a golf course.’ So what makes Kingswood different? Golf operators Liesel Niehaus and Mike Quinn gave us the lowdown.

Springboks for the win

6 min read Five years ago, springbok were introduced to Kingswood and their numbers are growing. I chatted to Dan de Wet, Facilities and Compliance Manager, and Kingswood resident and former game farmer, Andries Vermeulen, about these beauties who are there for the benefit of all residents of the estate.

Windows on wonderful wildlife

3 min read For some it’s golf, for some it’s the proximity to the Garden Route, and for some it’s the convenience of living in a big town with a small-town heart – or is it a small town with big-town facilities? But for many residents, the privilege of being close to wildlife is the best part of living in Kingswood.

Wonki Ware – Imperfectly perfect

6 min read In the world of design, decor and dinnerware, the George-based business Wonki Ware is a household name in South Africa, and abroad. Recently I met up with Wonki Ware’s founder and creator, and Kingswood resident, Di Marshall to find out more about her extraordinary business, and her vision for the future.

Water tariff freeze

4 min read The recent announcement by the Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation, Lindiwe Sisulu, of a tariff freeze preventing the water boards from increasing their charges sounds like a good idea, but it is likely to have serious consequences.

Let kids run the estate (within reason)

4 min read Back in the Victorian era, it was said, children should be seen and not heard. They ate in the kitchen with the staff (who were considered to be barely human) and were expected to keep out of the way. Unless, of course, they were working in the mines, sweeping chimneys or polishing boots.

Is your estate ready for POPI

3 min read Owners and occupiers of community sectional title housing schemes and private gated developments run by homeowners associations (HOAs) have until the end of June 2021 to ensure that their record-keeping systems are compliant with the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act that came into effect on 1 July 2020. Failure to adhere to the new Act carries the risk of prosecution and a heavy fine.

Paul & Virginia

4 min read They say truth is stranger than fiction, and we all know that facts have a way of inspiring fiction. But, sometimes, fiction has a way of superseding fact, and nowhere is this more evident than in Mauritius, where you will find monuments to famous people who never actually lived. But, hey, why should we let facts get in the way of a good story?

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