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Beat Loadshedding With Huawei Fusionsolar Residential Smart Pv Solution


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Beat Loadshedding With Huawei Fusionsolar Residential Smart Pv Solution


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Spanning 13 years, South Africans have lived with the spectre of load shedding, due to ageing and poorly maintained infrastructure. According to a report released by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in August, South Africa experienced 650 hours of load shedding in the first half of 2021, shedding an estimated 963GWh of energy. This represents 76% of the total load shedding experienced in 2020.

What’s worse, the spike in the annual electricity bill adds insult to injury, as citizens have to pay more on an annual basis for a service that just cannot be relied upon and can be offline without notice.

How can one get rid of the electricity woes?

The sun is the solution

South Africa is blessed with sunshine all year round, making it one of the most suitable countries for solar power. While households can keep looking forward to a national-level electricity solution, they may also consider a self-sufficient solution using the sun as a reliable source of energy.

Installing a residential PV solution with battery backup would be a life-changing decision for homeowners in South Africa, as they can then be assured of 100% electricity availability for critical appliances during the load shedding periods and be rid of the worry of unexpected power outages that happen from time to time and that cause disruptions to daily lives.

Electricity cost saving is also a key benefit of installing a residential PV solution with an energy storage system. A homeowner can save between 50% and 60% of their annual electricity costs by installing a PV system. One can save even more by monitoring electricity usage patterns and changing daily living behaviours, for example using home appliances more during the daytime when there is a solar power supply, and replacing home appliances and light bulbs with energy-efficient models.

Huawei FusionSolar Residential Smart PV Solution: Smarter Energy for a Better Life

The Huawei FusionSolar Residential Smart PV Solution is here to provide South Africans with the reliable and clean power supply that they so desperately need.

When considering a residential PV system, power generation efficiency, convenience of installation, cost and safety are important criteria.

The Huawei FusionSolar Residential Smart PV product suite consists of several integrated components that all work seamlessly together to offer a low-maintenance and hassle-free solution.

SUN2000 Smart Energy Controller

The SUN2000 Smart Energy Controller features a smooth and exquisite appearance that matches its powerful functions. As the first-of-its-kind smart PV inverter utilising AI-boost arcing protection, the Smart Energy Controller boasts the highest safety rating and can increase energy yields by 30% when coupled with the Optimizer, providing users with safe, stable and green energy. Thus, it enables families to enjoy a low-carbon life.

LUNA2000 Smart String Energy Storage System (ESS)

The smooth, sleek, waterfall-inspired aesthetic design of LUNA2000 ensures a good fit in the home environment, where the device serves as a backup power supply. Advanced high-voltage parallel connection technology supports the mixed use of both old and new batteries. Its modular design promises both pack-level and rack-level optimizations that can increase the charge and discharge capacity, maximizing the potential of each battery. The home energy storage system gives homeowners confidence and peace of mind with several layers of safety protection.

Smart PV Optimizer

The Smart PV Optimizer is the unsung hero of the system. Installing optimizers on PV panels can generate up to 30% more energy per day. A significant safety benefit offered by the Optimizer is immediate 0 voltage shutdown of the solar panels to ensure safety during installation and maintenance. It also allows for pinpoint identification of faulty panels, which greatly reduces the time required for fault finding and maintenance efforts.

Huawei FusionSolar App

As an integral part of our residential solution, Huawei FusionSolar App was also recognised with an iF Design Award in 2020. The app refines management to the module level and offers a user-friendly interface, presenting all the information you need right at your fingertips. It also allows you to check home power consumption in real time and provides suggestions on how to fully utilise excess solar power while supporting intelligent management of each PV module to improve the efficiency of energy production. This attention to detail even extends to the app’s interface that appears warm in color, bringing to mind the comforting warmth of home.

A solar-powered home: Will it pay off?

Some of the benefits that South African citizens could enjoy from a residential solar solution include:

Save on electricity bills

With solar power, you will be able to pay less (or nothing, depending on your setup) to Eskom for power. The initial installation of the solar system will be a substantial expense, but it will pay itself back over time in money saved on electricity bills. Moreover, once the initial investment amount has been ‘paid back’, you will really see the benefit of having to pay less for your power. Reliable power supply (no more load shedding!)

With solar power, you will no longer rely on the traditional power grid, and thus you will have a reliable power source that will keep your house powered consistently. This means that you can say goodbye to the rolling blackouts.

A one-fits-all solution to streamline installation and lower maintenance costs

Gone are the days of clumsy and piecemeal home storage systems with Huawei’s one-fits-all Residential PV Solution, which includes the inverter, the optimizer, the ESS and the app. All components are designed and manufactured by one company, so you don’t need to deal with different component suppliers if problems occur, streamlining the installation process and lowering maintenance costs.

A solar installation with safety protection to increase home value

Having a solar system installed with three-layer safety protection will also increase the value of your house exponentially. By treating customers’ safety as the number one priority, Huawei adds three layers of protection to achieve active safety, including AI-powered internal cell short circuit diagnosis to avoid fire hazards, cell-level temperature control to detect overheating, and optimizer-enabled 0V rapid shutdown for safer installation and maintenance.

Better for the environment

A solar system is not only better for the environment, having no greenhouse emissions, but also assists in promoting cleaner air and less pollution. Greenhouse gases, air and water pollution, and other toxic wastes are just some of the side effects of traditional power sources like oil, coal and natural gas. These sources will also quickly run out as they are non-renewable.

Selecting Huawei FusionSolar Residential Smart PV Solution is not only an economic decision, but also an environmental one, turning your dream of realising energy independence into a reality.

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