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Home Wi-Fi that knows what it’s doing

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Home Wi-Fi that knows what it’s doing

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Today’s consumer wants internet that intuitively supports their day-to-day tasks and lifestyle through easy, seamless, and well-supported access. But what does that really look like?

Well, according to supersonic’s newly appointed Managing Director, Calvin Collett, it’s internet that’s adaptive, intuitive, and constantly keeps your home in the flow. The kind of connection that allows you to wander about the house on a FaceTime call, while the  kids stream a 4K movie or collaborate online with classmates to finish their presentation. All at the same time, without a hiccup.

But how is this possible? The only way, is for the strongest signal to fill every inch of your home and for a mission control to be installed that will keep those connections strong. This combination offers consumers the ultimate freedom to control and personalise their internet usage any way they want. That’s why supersonic has become the sole distributor of Plume in South Africa. These little devices connect every inch of the home in which they dwell, imbuing the consumer with the power to control their internet.

Essentially, Plume unlocks the power of adaptive home Wi-Fi and puts the user in control of their wireless experience. For starters, you can add permanent or temporary users and allocate device access and customised passwords to guests and family members. You can also manage users’ usage and even restrict device connectivity at certain times.

Take a second to think about it. Once installed, you can connect the whole family, select which devices they can connect to, restrict sites, and even pre-select a cut-off time so that they get the offline time they need. You can even dole out customised internet passwords to guests, giving them a warm digital welcome. This kind of freedom completely changes how we live in a connected world and is smart internet at its best, all conveniently managed from your phone, through supersonic’s smart Wi-Fi app.

And speaking of supersonic’s smart Wi-Fi app, let’s talk about how easy it is for supersonic Smart Wi-Fi to integrate with Samsung’s SmartThings Wi-Fi hub.  From here, you can create your own little internet ecosystem from which you can track your sensors, cameras, lights, use voice assistants, and so much more.

The best part is that this type of connection isn’t just for those who have a degree in tech-speak. From start to finish, customers have access to intelligent and friendly support. So, whether it’s through the apps or your personal relationship manager, you’ll have constant support to make sure that you are connected and enjoying the kind of functionality and convenience that enables to you to internet in any way you want.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that we’ve worked hard to create a brand that defies the frustratingly overcomplicated FTTH consumer experience and gives you a high-quality product, flexible packages, and an exceptional customer service experience.

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