How does prepaid electricity work and how to purchase a voucher?

By Pro admin - 15 Apr 2019


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Needing some guidelines on how does prepaid electricity work and how to purchase a voucher?

The Management of Water & Electricity

Pro admin is one of the founding members of the electricity re-sellers association and is still actively involved in the industry. Vast experience in the Sectional title field made it clear that there is a huge need for the management of water and electricity services on behalf of individual owners, Bodies Corporate and Home Owners Associations.

Eliminate the Risks

We take over the responsibility of settling the municipal account and the collection of revenue. Eliminating the risk of overdue accounts. We make use of only SABS approved metering equipment to ensure the best quality to our valued clients

Council Assistance

At Pro admin we know that your time is valuable. Taking time off from work to go stand in a queue at the council just to resolve an incorrect reading or requesting a statement is a thing of the past. Our dedicated staff will assist in resolving queries for you.

Where the account has been estimated, we will provide council with the correct readings and ensure the account is rectified. Should you not agree with the readings provided by the city council we can assist by installing a check meter to validate readings provided by the city council.

Hassle Free

On behalf of a Body Corporates or HOAs – Pro admin applies for the bulk account in its name and install sub-meters for each dwelling. The sub-meters are also supplied by Pro admin. However, the option to purchase them is also available.
The owner of the dwelling will enter into an agreement with Pro admin and pay a deposit for the supply of electricity.
Meters are read monthly and accounts then sent to the occupant. The client can also provide us with their own reading.


Accounts are payable on the 1st of the month.Warning letters are issued on the 7th for any arrear’s accounts, should we not receive payment by the specified due date the supply will be terminated. Warning fees and re-connection fees are charged as prescribed by the local municipality. All individual meter readings are compared to the bulk meter reading and the difference is then billed to the Body Corporate/HOA. Monthly reports of arrears and charges are provided to the Trustees.


How does prepaid electricity work?

Step by Step Guide: How to purchase prepaid electricity

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1 thought on “How does prepaid electricity work and how to purchase a voucher?”

  1. sally maytham

    I purchased a R1000 of electricity for a prepaid metre from Pick and Pay I understand the vat amount of R107.93 but what is the other charge of R172.50 for .Out of R1000 I only get 395.2kwh.

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