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If not When = When not If

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If not When = When not If

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One of the problems people face when wanting to improve their security system is an ever-shrinking budget. It’s not uncommon for people to feel that money is tight, and still want to make their money stretch. One of the best ways to get the most out of your security system for the least impact on your wallet is to integrate advanced Artificial Intelligence software systems with your existing security systems.

Not only will this give you more bang for your buck, but utilising the reporting capabilities and efficiencies this technology inherently has will improve the management of your other existing resources, such as manned guards and perimeter protection measures. The affordability factor of this technology cannot be overstated!

The thing that truly gets us excited about A.I integrated systems isn’t just about a bang for your buck, but it’s about the unbelievable bang that these systems can really do. Why not max out your system? Often the pre-requisite security systems needed are already in place and capable of much more than they are commonly used for. The bang comes from integrating the existing technology with new systems and optimising existing manpower with the wonder of technology that is A.I driven Video Analytics. Synergy between on-site systems and off-site monitoring capabilities is where your system can thrive, whilst simultaneously eliminating your onsite risk of a single point of failure (should your onsite control room/guardhouse operator be incapacitated – we remain in place doing our thing remotely).

How is A.I used in monitoring an estate’s security?

Video Analytics uses CCTV camera systems and A.I powered software to instantaneously detect a triggering event moving into the monitoring area. These systems then determine with accuracy what it is, whether a person or animal, and let the control room know what is happening. The system learns over time to decrease false alarms and increase accuracy. This system is much faster and more effective than conventional monitoring, can improve reporting, and can provide an early warning system to effectively utilise existing perimeter protection measures.

How long does integration take?

The integration process takes as little time as general camera maintenance, and we can refer a number of certified technicians we use who are able to integrate the systems, and after a few quality assurance checks from our various control centres, your system will be ready to run at peak performance. For minimal additional cost (subject to specific systems) A.I can dramatically transform your system’s capabilities.

Where can my system be improved?

Property perimeters, and access control centres are the most under-utilised areas of a security system. At access control points, our A.I systems can track licence plates for wanted vehicles or vehicles logged on the system as suspect or troublesome, ensuring that the potential threat doesn’t make it into the estate, only to have to be tracked down later. Greenbelts and neighbourhoods can also benefit from this type of monitoring.

What can we say, it’s a simple integration of advanced technology into existing systems – this shouldn’t be a question of if, but when. Otherwise – with criminals constantly advancing their techniques – the question of a breach in your security system in time will become a when, not an if.

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