Interesting Easter Traditions from Across the Globe

Interesting Easter Traditions from Across the Globe


A typical South African Easter day could go something like this… attend church, eat to many hot cross buns, enjoy an Easter egg hunt, and then spend the rest of the day in a horizontal position. Others are out of town enjoying a mini-break. For some lucky folks, they have the opportunity to travel to far away exotic places, enjoying their Easter traditions with ice and a little colourful umbrella.

Estate Living throught we would look at a few different celebrations and traditions from countries across the world.

Cooling off at Easter in Poland

Poland has some very unique traditions and at Easter these traditions get even more interesting. Smingus-Dyngus is a Polish Easter tradition where pouring water on one another is the name of the game. On Easter Monday, boys attempt to soak everyone else, using buckets of water, water guns and anything they can get their hands on. A legend dictates that any girls that get drenched will marry within a year, so anyone wanting their partner to propose should head to Poland this Easter holiday.

A rather large serving in Haux, France

The French are known to relish the finer things in life, and at Easter this is no different. On Easter Monday in the town of Haux, a giant omelette is served up in the town’s main square for the locals to devour. This massive omelette uses more than 4,500 eggs and feeds up to 1,000 people. The legend behind this Easter tradition goes back to when Napoleon and his army were traveling through the south of France and stopped in the small town to enjoy some omelettes. Napoleon liked this so much that he ordered the town’s people to gather all of their eggs and make a massive omelette for his entire army.

Adorn a hardhat in Corfu, Greece

If you’re in Greece this Easter, be sure to steer clear of the streets in Corfu on Holy Saturday, or at least adorn a hardhat. Every year the traditional ‘Pot Throwing’ celebrations take place where people throw pots, pans and other ceramics out of their windows, smashing them on the streets below. Some say the custom derives from the Venetians, who on New Year’s Day used to throw out all of their old items. Others believe the throwing of the pots welcomes spring.

Naughty shenanigans in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Women, watch your backsides! In the eastern European countries of Czech Republic and Slovakia they have an Easter tradition that will keep ladies on their toes. On Easter Monday, men attempt to lightly spank women with handmade whips made of willow and decorated with colourful ribbons. According to the legend, the willow is the first tree to bloom in the spring with the branches transferring the tree’s vitality and fertility to a woman. This playful spanking is all in the name of fun and is in no way painful.

Humpy Dumpty around in Washington DC, USA

A time old tradition in this US state has been the Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the iconic White House. Members of the presidential family and various friends aim to roll wooden eggs  with a large serving spoon across the lawn. The Easter tradition has grown significantly and now even boasts many more amusements such as live music, a massive Easter egg hunt, various sports and crafts.

Whatever the traditions and celebrations you and your family are going to enjoy this Easter, relish the time with your loved ones and be safe if travelling.








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