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Island Living @ Azuri

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Island Living @ Azuri

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Since its discovery by Arab sailors in the 16th century, Mauritius has been coveted by powerful nations because of its strategic position on the Spice Trade Route. People from all corners of the globe continue to be drawn to its natural beauty, ideal location at the crossroads of Africa and Asia, and time zone that allows round-the-clock transactions with all major markets. Who doesn’t love the sweet life of living in the tropics?

Since its inception five years ago on a large estate on the north-east coast, Azuri Ocean & Golf Village has metamorphosed into a vibrant and tight-knit community. Mauritians, expatriates, and foreign investors can purchase property, residency, splendid contemporary residences designed by famed architects, as well as gain access to a secluded beach, a bustling cafe, an array of restaurants, a gourmet shop, a fabulous spa, a sports club, and a signature par-3 9 hole golf course. But above all, the residents of the seaside village benefit from gorgeous natural surroundings, a safe neighbour-hood, convenience, and a sense of community. Azuri meets, without an ounce of doubt, the growing demand for alternative island living opportunities.

Azuri Ocean & Golf Village is defining what it means to live in a multicultural, urban beachside retreat.

Azuri is much about living truthfully. The splendid ocean and golf village is built around a community that is welcoming, caring and vibrant.


Think of Mauritius and visions of verdant fields of sugarcane, pastel-coloured houses, the rustle? of palm trees, sugar sand beaches, scintillating lagoons, and a mosaic of cultures come to mind. Mauritius is very much a way of life. Trading your bustling city life for a beachside village like Azuri is something you are going to want to seriously consider.

Invest in Mauritius

Investing in a villa at Azuri allows you to reside in Mauritius and create your ideal lifestyle: the climate is tropical and pleasant, its inhabitants are welcoming and harmonious, and the island’s infrastructure is modern. Economic, political and social stability supported by a very advantageous tax system complete the picture, positioning Mauritius as a qualitative destination, and a safe and profitable investment centre.

The Luxury Residences are part of a real estate program that allows foreigners to acquire property in Mauritius by offering unique investment opportunities. The acquisition of property by a foreigner under the real estate structure confers automatic Mauritian residency for the purchaser and his dependents, full benefits of a fixed 15% tax rate on corporate revenues and profits, and tax exemption on the secured value of the property.

Azuri meets, without an ounce of doubt, the growing demand for prestigious island living opportunities.

The 9-million year-old volcanic island is home to 1.3 million inhabitants, whose origins can be traced back to Africa, India, France, England, and China, a list that has expanded tremendously as citizens from across the globe migrate to Mauritius. The result is a cultural mosaic in which different people’s beliefs, customs, religions, and dialects are tolerated, embraced even, by one another. The nation, a microcosm of the world, continues to flourish—access to a great education, a framework that fosters a culture of entrepreneurship, a—quite literally—less taxing tax system, booming sectors, public infrastructure, affordable healthcare, and the possibility to tap into markets with enormous potential such as Africa, India, or China, contribute to its growth.

It doesn’t hurt to have year-round balmy weather, a laid-back vibe, warm and welcoming people, and gorgeous natural surroundings.

Azuri Ocean & Golf Village is set on the northeast coast of this idyllic island, facing the second largest lagoon—Roches Noires—, and surrounded by mangroves, a vital ecosystem. The Rivière-du-Rempart river runs through the property. Azuri’s gorgeous natural surroundings bring immense value to its prime real estate property, and provide its residents with the ultimate nature escape—whether an early morning dip in the lagoon, or a Sunday afternoon family hike.

As if Azuri didn’t have it all… We are now adding a stunning golf course!

Come live the Azuri Lifestyle


Azuri Ocean & Golf Village

Riviere du Rempart

13 min read Azuri Ocean & Golf Village, a place of island elegance and serenity, to live truly and safely your dream of a tropical lifestyle. Since its inception five years ago on a large estate in the North of Mauritius, Azuri has metamorphosed into a vibrant and tight-knit community.

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