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Sales-driven communication

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Sales-driven communication

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Current statistics show boundaries of 6 000-plus residential communities in the country and solid growth of 15% in the development and construction of residential communities annually. Competition in the market is healthy but fierce, and we know that a brand communication strategy is imperative.

Property prices are, to an extent, based on the service offering: state-of-the-art security, recreational facilities and a private on-site school facility usually make a development more sought-after than one that doesn’t offer these amenities, and property prices reflect this. However, most developments are made up of very similar facilities, with a sound security system being a prerequisite, and thus property prices are determined increasingly by location, demand, investment potential and  access to external amenities: fitness facilities, lifestyle stores, commercial space, retail – all of which have given rise to the newer, improved concept of mixed-use developments. The increase in new and competing developments is of interest to developers, who continually look to outwit, outsmart and outplay their peers in terms of offerings and market share.

Communication to the consumer is a vital component of driving the perception of a development’s value. Brand communication is invaluable as the battle for market presence intensifies. A development’s brand holds out to potential residents the promise of superior property values and investment potential.

A successful communication strategy is essential for maintaining a strong and lasting presence, attracting investors who will be quick to purchase, encouraging third-party suppliers to offer their best services, and retaining satisfied residents.

By harnessing technology − the World Wide Web, social media, search engine optimisation and relevant linking, which are all necessary to communicate your development’s experience powerfully – your content will gain grip and relevance and achieve both the sales and reputation mileage you require. This extends further than the last day of the last sale. Today’s news is no longer tomorrow’s fish-and-chip wrapping. The longevity of content now also encourages quality of workmanship and credibility, and provides a long-term resource to tap for information, Your message, within a digital enviroment, if utilised correctly, has near-immortality.

You should ensure that all content starts with credibility and association. You need to be showcased as a visionary, so it’s imperative to outline your vision. Detail your plans to make the vision a reality and discuss the solutions to real-time problems. The communication strategy you follow should be holistic, incorporating print, digital, online, social and networking media platforms for best results. Your message is the silver thread that pulls it all together – and don’t underestimate the power of your images and video to drive this.

You need industry specialists, content creators and curators, who work the market every day to make this happen. You want a team that’s been to your site, had drinks in your clubhouse, played golf on your course and, most of all, has got to know your community and others like it. For a new development, you want a team that understands what it takes to launch a new brand, with the experience to do so.

Estate Living Communications is the industry expert that offers unique content creation and ensures the strategic distribution of that content. It’s a platform that fills a niche and plays an indispensable role in marrying aspects of branding, marketing, networks and communication between the market and investors, which ultimately drives sales.

As the conduit to the market, Estate Living’s core theme is building the community and, through this, driving sales. Promotion needs to be done in a manner that reflects your community within its specific environments. To avoid waste, your communication needs to be direct, targeted and specific to your market.

The Estate Living platform launched in 2012 and is dedicated to serving the specific interests of estates and developments in the domestic and foreign markets. The platform and its people offer in-depth insight into this exclusive and continuously expanding sector. It serves as a go-to resource for “anything you need to know about estate life under one roof” and an integrated communication and sales referral channel.

The platform is an unbiased multimedia portal into the community, consisting of printed materials, digital publications and communications, a resource website and development portal, a referral business and an affiliate network. Each medium and division serves to drive information, generate sales and opportunities, and bring the community together as a collective. This offers a superior and vital marketing instrument for you to utilise in formulating compelling branding, ongoing awareness and sales.

The Estate Living magazine is distributed to an investor database that is expanding with the industry. Produced in print and online, the content features development reviews, investment and retirement opportunities, and educational lifestyle features. It is a true showcase of the environments many covet. is a resource website and development portal that allows users to gain insight into the market within an online space. It is one call to the marketplace which takes the luck out of finding the perfect environment for investment, a primary or secondary property, service providers and products, with integrated lead generation and an e-commerce offering. Content comprising news and reviews, up-to-date industry data and more all drives traffic, which in turn drives income for all participants.

Estate Living is proud to be the official communication partner to the Association of Residential Communities and, in collaboration, to publish the Residential Estate Industry Journal – an annual reference guide to best practice, policy and procedure, relevant and significant to the management of residential communities.

Due to demand, Estate Living now also brings you The Developer Journal, a place for developers to collaborate and find inspiration and innovation. The Developer Journal follows the life cycle of a development and offers industry expertise to lead you through each process: from land acquisition and zoning to finance and risk, from sustainability to succession planning, from security to sales, and from technology to marketing.

Both journals serve as tangible resources of expert and experience-driven industry knowledge. They are essential tools for estate management and developers, and a unique fund of industry knowledge. All information is relevant to the efficient and profitable development and operation of every community and provides the guidelines and framework according to which all communities should operate.

The residential estate industry shows no signs of weakening. The need to establish a visible and influential presence to ensure the profitability and longevity of this aggressive industry has never been greater. Estate Living Communication has created a platform and network for communication in South Africa which will be the benchmark for a global reach.

The Developer Journal is available online and in print.

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