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Six architectural and decor trends for 2020

By Lisa Witepski

, |

Six architectural and decor trends for 2020

By Lisa Witepski

, |

2 min read

Just as facebrick dates homes from the eighties and covered patios hit their stride a decade later, 2020 will bring with it new design and architectural hallmarks. What are they?

Homes are changing. As our lives become more frenetic and we develop ever more touchpoints with technology, the need for a soothing sanctuary becomes pronounced – as 2020’s leading decor and design trends reveal.

Embracing open plan

This trend is largely about adaptability. We’re seeing the death of the closed-off kitchen as entertainers demand a blended space that incorporates the living room, too, and now the concept of an open space has become even more amplified. Overseas, spaces now stretch to include terraces and, in some cases, bathrooms. It’s all about creating an area that can be melded and moulded to suit your exact needs.

Outside in

In keeping with this, the patio is no longer a separate part of the house. ‘Outside areas’ are slowly being phased away as sliding and stack doors facilitate their integration, making them just another area within the living room. This is a trend that makes total sense for South Africans: why bring the meat inside after the braai when you can enjoy it in your outdoor lounge?

Think smart

There’s no escaping our quest for convenience, and it stands to reason that this finds its ultimate expression in the home. Enter the smart house: an abode where everything, from your favourite playlist to the temperature you prefer at bedtime, is programmed to slot into place for you.

Lighting up your life

According to Melissa Davidson from The Lighting Warehouse, trends in lighting don’t stray too far from trends in fashion or general decor. Here, too, we are seeing an interest in organic forms and materials, as well as neutral colours. Look out for metallic (mesh is particularly big), stone, wood and glass. Also popular are shapes that reflect a taste for yesteryear, such as Edison-inspired lightbulbs, which are complemented by the simultaneous move towards boho-chic, with popular details including tassels and distressed finishes. In line with the movement to blend indoor and outdoor environments, outdoor lighting is now a major concern.

Living centres

Kitchens and bathrooms, always considered important, are now taking centre stage. That’s understandable, given the modern lifestyle. In the hectic whirlwind of 21st– century life, a bathroom is more a place to unwind than a functional utility, while easy, breezy open-plan living places the kitchen firmly in the spotlight. These rooms receive a 2020 update with strong pops of colour (previously must-have all-white tiles and stainless steel surfaces have been relegated to the past); an accent on drawers that do double duty by offering shelves and compartments for storage; and the warmth of wood. Appliances step off the shelf to become decorative objects in their own right, and mosaics and tiles are used extensively to bring in texture – important, because detail is one of the key themes for the year.

Green it up

Sustainability, a buzzword in all areas of life, enters the architectural and design space, too. Recycled materials are therefore having a moment, along with installations and practices that reduce the overall environmental footprint.

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