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Smart City: Security adds value to estates

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Smart City: Security adds value to estates

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State-of-the-art security is a natural expectation in any upmarket development, and the more unobtrusive it is the better. Estates with ‘smart city’ aspirations have unbreachable security systems in place, but they are so discreetly executed you don’t know they’re there.

Enter JNCS Beyond Security (Pty) Ltd , a forward-thinking security integrator and project management company that embraces cutting-edge security solutions to protect a wide range of developments, including estates, hotels, industrial complexes, stadiums, hospitals, transport facilities and government buildings.

Depending on the requirements, JNCS Beyond Security offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions, from Smart City Solutions, ANPR, Public Safety CCTV, electronic access control and biometrics, to thermal Perimeter detection video surveillance and real-time video analytics.

Your estate can’t be smart if it isn’t safe.

While a smart city means slightly different things to different people, one thing everyone agrees on is that smart cities and estates use digital technologies to improve the quality of life of the people who live in them, reduce environmental impact, and make everyday services run smoothly. Another thing is that a safe city is the first step toward a smart city.

‘As a new generation company with modern ideas, we create new solutions based on innovative ideas, while using tried and tested technologies. Our integrated solutions are world-class, but not budget breaking,’ says Edward van der Linde, managing director of JNCS’s Beyond Security.

One of JNCS Beyond Security’s clients is Renishaw Hills, a mature lifestyle estate near Scottburgh in KwaZulu-Natal. A showcase of what a modern security system can deliver, JNCS Beyond Security installed its hi-tech Axis Thermal Perimeter Defender system, a highly accurate and scalable video analytics application for intrusion detection. This system alerts guards and site managers of any unwanted activity around the perimeter fence, as soon as it occurs, via various communication methods in real-time, thus security staff are able to act quickly on any potential threat.

‘We required a proactive system that adds another layer of security and enables the on-site guards to prevent many possible incidents, as opposed to just responding to them after the fact,’ says Van der Linde.

From within the dedicated control room, the security team is able to monitor the footage all day, every day, from the PTZ (pantilt- zoom) cameras that have been strategically placed all along the perimeter of the estate. Also, thermal cameras allow any suspicious activities outside of the security fence to be picked up anytime of the day, and in all weather conditions. The footage is stored in a secure, access-controlled server room for future use, if needed.

AXIS Q1941-E Thermal Network Cameras were used, says Van der Linde, due to their ability to ‘see’ in total darkness. ‘This functionality was key, along with the fact that thermal cameras are less prone to attracting unwanted creepy crawlies compared to conventional cameras and their accompanying infrared emitters. By using Thermals, maintenance costs are also reduced while the total cost of ownership is lower in the long run,’ he says.

AXIS Q6115 PTZ Network Cameras also form part of the surveillance setup, as these weatherproof cameras have a highperforming PTZ dome which offers HD (1080p) picture quality, 30x optical zoom to get up close to subjects without losing detail, and fast and precise pan-tilt performance for wide area coverage and detail when zooming in.

Thus, residents of Renishaw Hills estate are able to enjoy the peacefulness and splendour of their country-style living, without worrying about the threat of security-related incidents. ‘Effective security measures have played a role in the increased value of the properties on the mid-South Coast. Various new infrastructure development projects are continually added to the area,’ says Van der Linde.

One of the gold standards of modern security is biometric access, a highly effective method of verifying someone’s identity via a fingerprint scanner. ‘Electronic access control provides the most efficient and convenient way of securing your building and assets. It means that you will never have to change a lock again,’ says Van der Linde. As such, effective biometric access is becoming increasingly prevalent at South Africa’s estates and developments, overtaking the traditional signing in process at the gate. Accesscontrol systems offer you all the relevant reports needed from Licence Plate Capture to ‘Who’s in’ on the estate.

Security products are not enough on their own, however. Van der Linde says the mark of a good security system is how seamlessly it is integrated and operated by its staff. ‘We have in-depth, upto- date knowledge of the latest products on the market, but they are still solely reliant on the integrator’s training, knowledge and work ethic,’ he says.

To this end, JNCS Beyond Security staff are trained by Axis Communications, a global leader in the surveillance camera industry. ‘We also have personal, long-term partnerships with all our suppliers, from one-person operations to distribution partners and major global conglomerates. Security providers have to partner with the right service providers to deliver the expertise required to put forward the right and most complete security solution,’ he says.

Within the context of estates, this is a high priority. ‘With the current economic climate in South Africa, peace of mind and secure living is of the utmost importance, especially within the context of estates,’ says Van der Linde.

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