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The new Care Centre at The Somerset Lifestyle and Retirement Village

By Sister Erika Janutsch – Nursing manager at The Somerset Lifestyle and Retirement Village

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The new Care Centre at The Somerset Lifestyle and Retirement Village

By Sister Erika Janutsch – Nursing manager at The Somerset Lifestyle and Retirement Village

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The Somerset is immensely proud of their beautiful new Care Center and are thrilled to show it off. What you see is the result of collaboration between CPOA & Westacre.

Great care has been made in the design of the Care Centre to be residential and not feel like a hospital or institution.

The aim is to support residents to live as independently as possible and this is included in the design of the Care Centre. Some design elements include wide corridors and handrails, beautiful but Hospital grade vinyl non-slip / non flooring non-glare, lovely seating with height and seat depth and armrest – which promotes independence, lovely bathrooms with turn wheelchair and assistive devices. There are 17 Residential rooms and 2 sickbays.

The Care Centre is designed to accommodate residents with a variety of clinical care and offer convalescent care, frail care and palliative care.

“We believe that care for the Elderly is so much more than providing a roof over their head and meeting basic needs and we aim to make a difference in people’s lives and make life meaningful.”

The Somerset Care Centre is a top quality health care facility that offers you the exact level of health and elderly care you require. Our comprehensive complement of medical and support staff are always on call and will be happy to receive you at the clinic or to pop into your home to check on you on a daily basis, if you so wish. The Health Care Centre is open to all residents.

Clinic Hours

Monday to Friday 10:00 to 12:00

The clinic is open daily and staffed by qualified nursing sisters who can attend to basic health care needs such as blood pressure/sugar level testing, minor procedures such as dressings, injections etc. After hours and over weekends, the sisters are on call for any emergencies. Ward aid and carer assistance are offered 24/7.

Frail care

The Somerset‘s comfortable frail care centre is a home-away-from-home and is operated by CPOA. It offers:

  • 24-hour frail care
  • 24-hour security
  • A full catering service
  • Laundry and cleaning services
  • A wide range of social activities
  • Occupational therapy


Call4Care is help at the touch of a button 24 hours a day. Call4Care HomeCare brings peace-of-mind and help to elderly people living independently. With a simple press of a button, a two-way communication is activated with the Call4Care Response Centre Operator, who will help no matter what the need or emergency.

How does it work?

  • Pressing the red button on the CarePhone (or its remote Panic Button) alerts our Response Centre Operator and initiates the two-way speakerphone function, allowing the client to speak to our operator ± even if he or she can’t get to the CarePhone itself.
  • If the client is unable to speak, our operator will still be able to take appropriate action as the client’s personal details and home address is instantly displayed on our system the moment an alert is received.
  • Our Response Centre will immediately notify the listed family member or friend, and advise them of the situation and response details; our operator will remain in contact with the client until assistance arrives.

What does Call4Care homecare include?

Call4Care Care Phone equipped with a portable panic button and powerful speakerphone function, enabling communication with the Call4Care Operator (usually from anywhere within the client’s home).

  • Call4Care Panic Button Pendant, conveniently worn around the neck or wrist and within easy reach – meaning help is always at hand!
  • Call4Care is there for you night and day with monitoring & assistance no matter what the emergency.
  • Call4Care is partnered with ER24, providing around the clock ER24 Medical Emergency Service.

The Somerset offers a variety of quality care packages to suit your needs and budget – all of them including home visits, catering, daily monitoring and sick bay days.

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  • Sunette Geldenhuys
    Posted at 21:33h, 09 Jun Reply

    My mother is there since beginning of June and is being treated like a nobody.
    She is an old lady of 92 and doesn’t deserve this type of treatment.

    My sister send her to you because of the excellent reviews. These reviews were either fabricated or written by morons.

    What are you going to do to solve these problems?

    Old people deserve dignity AND proper wholesome delicious food and proper decent care

    If you can’t deliver that at the exorbitant price you ask then we need to ensure that you are reported and if need be closed down

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