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Security is more than just creating a barrier and controlling access. It’s a relationship that – at its best – so seamlessly integrates vast amounts of data that it almost seems not to exist. And that’s what we at Servest pride ourselves in – creating whole-view solutions for every aspect of your estate’s security.

Contemporary security systems consist of a number of different elements, all of which have to work together at optimum efficiency to ensure the ultimate in safety and security. Which is why we at Servest form strategic partnerships with our clients to integrate people, places, processes and technology to achieve their triple bottom line and strategic business objectives.

Tremendous technology

It’s been said that criminals are getting smarter, but that’s not exactly true. They’re just getting sneakier, which is why you need to stay at least one step ahead of them. While the traditional guarding and patrolling systems are still an essential element in any security system, it’s the technology that separates the has-beens from the future-proof professionals.

Servest uses a secure management software platform to integrate every aspect of their security systems through dedicated off-site monitoring services. The advantages are clear – this combines the immediacy and comfort of dedicated security personnel on site with the security of off-site surveillance operators who expertly evaluate all risks by carefully observing and interpreting any activity or data, and accurately predicting and anticipating any potential negative incidents.

You can choose the level of off-site monitoring you need. Most clients opt for event-triggered monitoring or proactive remote ‘patrolling’. The former system will initiate monitoring if an alarm is triggered, either automatically by some form of sensor, or by a panic button, while the latter consists of regular remote ‘patrols’ in which surveillance professionals will regularly check the camera feeds. For clients requiring a very high level of security, Servest also offers continuous remote surveillance, which means that someone will be keeping an eye on your property 24/7.
Servest continually evaluates new technologies as they come on board, and – if they are clearly an improvement – promptly implements them.

Perfect processes

While surveillance is all very well, it’s not much use if it’s not backed up by effective responses, which is why Servest personnel are well trained in the processes they need to follow should the system register a security breach. Depending on the situation, this may include sending back-up security personnel to support on-site staff.

The human element

While technology is absolutely essential in modern security systems, it cannot take the place of well-trained dedicated people, which is why Servest invests so much time and energy in training their security personnel. Servest security personnel are specifically trained in the sector in which they will be working – be it mining, marine or residential estates.

And the training does not end with the ‘hard’ skills; each staff member is also an ambassador for Servest and for your estate, so you can be confident that residents and visitors alike will be greeted with a smile, and that security officers spend most of their working day giving directions to visitors, and generally being helpful. It’s a bit like flight attendants, who spend most of their time pouring coffee and serving meals, but who are actually there to save your life in an emergency.

“Following a landmark Black Economic Empowerment deal with our investment holding company Kagiso Tiso Holdings, Servest is the first majority black-owned facilities management company on the African continent with a significant multicurrency presence in Africa.”

Ultimate efficiency

At Servest our goal is to optimise our structure and processes to ensure reduced cost, increased efficiency and improved customer service. Our customers are vital to the sustainability and growth of our organisation, so it is important for us, rather than to offer you a mere service, to strategically partner with you and present integrated solutions that optimise and support your own business strategy, thereby increasing your triple bottom line. This is how we can add value to your business, and how we set ourselves apart from our competitors.

We deliver multiple solutions that enable functionality, create comfort, ensure safety, and enhance efficiency. Basically, we make your world a better, safer, place to live.

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