Cruising around on the first Meijs Motorman to land on South African shores – A personal experience

By Estate Living - 25 Mar 2018


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With a passion for planet earth and witnessing the destruction by daily burning of fossil fuels, Dutch designer Ronald Meijs knew there must be a greener mode of transport for people to get around. This thinking developed into the Motorman, a clean comfortable stylish way of getting around with zero emissions. He had the approach that less is more when crafting this beauty ensuring no clutter no fancy gadgets just good raw industrial design.

I have had the pleasure of cruising around on the first Meijs Motorman to land on South African shores and It is almost surreal. I twist the throttle and off she goes, not a sound other that big balloon tyres rolling on the tarmac. Although its legally limited to 45km/h I find myself cruising around at a mere 25km/h as I soak up the nature and beauty that surrounds me. I can hear the birds singing, cats rustling in the long grass and crickets chirping as I roll by in my equestrian estate. Night rides are my personal favorite. As the cool night air passes over me, the large headlight lights my way signaling out wild rabbits hopping across the road, some even take time to stop and stare.

I took the Meijs to Zimbali Coastal Resort where I rode around the beautiful estate and took a ride out to the lifestyle center for brunch. While parked in-front of the restaurant the bike attracted numbers of inquisitive onlookers who had obviously never seen anything like it. After brunch a trip down to the beachfront I received many puzzled looks as I cruised passed in silence, even a few cheers as I passed the local pub. After a quick beer, off I rode back to Zimbali Coastal Estate and proceeded to ride my Meijs directly into the lobby where not so much as an eyebrow was raised. I pushed it into the elevator and took it into my suite to charge for the next days adventures.

The Meijs Motorman will not replace your petrol bike in practicality for speed and distance but for an inner-city commute or a casual cruise around your lifestyle estate this is by far the most stylish mode of transport.

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1 thought on “Cruising around on the first Meijs Motorman to land on South African shores – A personal experience”

  1. 1 What’s the price?
    2 Where in SA can they be purchased?
    3 Do they come with an extra attachable/portable battery in the event that the battery runs out?
    4 Would they be suitable for commuting around islands say in Seychelles, the Bahamas or Mauritius?
    5 Parts availability in various parts of the world?
    6 How often and what is the costing on services?
    7 Can servicing be done by owner or must the unit be referred to a specialist mechanic?
    8 Can they be dismantled and transported by plane?

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